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How Our Tele-Conference Service Works

Our tele-conference service is really simple to use. Upon signing up for an account, you will be given 2 access codes - host/moderator code and participant code.
Schedule Conference Call Logon to your account and click on "Schedule new Conference". Specify the conference name, host/moderator, and the start time.
Specify participants Enter participants' phone numbers and names manually or upload a file containing the participants list. You can also select participants from your existing contacts. Upto 100 participants are allowed. Email and sms notices will be automatically sent to participants.
Conference starts automatically
  • » One hour to scheduled time, our system will send sms reminders to all participants.
  • » At the scheduled time, it will call all participants to start the conference.
  • » participants must enter the correct access code before they are allowed to join the conference call.

It's really that simple!

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